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HYPERION® is an ERP-type platform supporting all the administrative management functions of reinsurance and insurance companies. HYPERION provides full automation throughout the reinsurance management lifecycle, for the management of insurer cessions and retrocession.

Easy Integration

HYPERION® takes care of all the functions of underwriting, claims management and payment with a complete dashboard integrating cost accounting for reinsurance companies.



Fully automating many aspects of the administration of treaties and claims and associated accounting transactions saves time and lowers operating costs, while providing all the activity tracking and reporting necessary to respond to requests. regulatory requirements.​


HYPERION® supports all aspects of reinsurance processing needs through automated monitoring and intelligent notification systems. HYPERION integrates very advanced actuarial modeling tools making it possible to calculate the provision for unreported claims, calculate mortality tables and follow the geographical evolution of risks thanks to a map updated in real time.


HYPERION® also provides an internal workflow, allowing a company to tailor processes and approvals. Its integrated decision-making suite will provide you with complete and precise information in real time for analysis and informed decision-making.

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