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DIGITECH AFRICA LTD offers a highly intelligent, powerful, MULTIVERSE® digital insurance platform that allows any insurance company to reach all mobile phone subscribers in Africa, both those who have access to the internet and those who have access to the internet. which are private, through any type of device. Our customers, life and non-life insurance companies can, through the MULTIVERSE® platform which is multi-channel and mobile-oriented, sell their insurance products directly to subscribers’ mobile phones.

Web portal

Subscription to life and non-life insurance products / Electronic management of insurance policies / Collection of insurance premiums / Full multi-level claims management / Campaign Clients On the mobile client side, several channels allow policyholders to access products from their phones and to be seated 24/7.

Digital Strategy Consulting

The management team of DIGITECH, an expert in insurance, microinsurance and reinsurance, supports its clients in the design of unique products, proof of their competitiveness and growth. Thanks to the powerful MULTIVERSE® platform, DIGITECH designs unique products in terms of functionality and accessibility. MULTIVERSE® reduces the cycle of design and deployment of VIE and NON-VIE products thanks to a unique technology.

Android / iOS Mobile Application

Our Android / iOS mobile applications allow mobile users who own smartphones to benefit from a more enriched customer experience and unique services: claims declaration, reimbursement via mobile money, police management …


HYPERION® is an end-to-end reinsurance solution that takes care of assumed administrative and retrocession needs for all business sectors. It also provides autonomous reinsurance management to Life and Non Life insurers.

HYPERION® offers automation of reinsurance calculations, integrating with all existing policy management systems to provide transparent management of reinsurance to the outside world.

HYPERION® supports all aspects of reinsurance processing needs through automated monitoring and intelligent notification systems. 

HYPERION® integrates very advanced actuarial modeling tools making it possible to calculate the provision for unreported claims, calculate mortality tables and follow the geographical evolution of risks thanks to a map updated in real time.


Infinity Is A Multi-Channel Platform That Helps Design And Distribute Auto Insurance Products Via Mobile. Thanks To This Tool, People Will Be Able To Subscribe Via The Phone And Obtain Automobile Insurance Certificates Instantly, Quickly And Easily.

This platform will intelligently implement all the activities involved in the process of managing auto certificates.

Namely underwriting, claims management, compensation management, payment management, etc. within the ASACI as within the various insurance companies, various intermediaries such as brokers / general agents, with in their sights: the insured


MULTIVERSE® is an intelligent solution that digitally provides basic insurance services by integrating the electronic signature that authenticates each of the policyholders and uniquely links them to their insurance contracts..

MULTIVERSE® involves all product lines in the insurance sector, in particular VIE and non-VIE products such as:. health products. multi-risk home products.

 MULTIVERSE® integrates all payment solutions with Mobile Money (MTN Mobile MONEY, ORANGE MONEY ..) and VISA / MASTERCARD card payments.

 MULTIVERSE® even includes a group subscription module, allowing you to enroll and collect bonuses for hundreds of users at a time …