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Infinity is a digital platform designed within the framework of Automobile Civil Liability Insurance. wishes to satisfy the public more by improving its services, in particular making the compensation and claims settlement processes faster and more efficient  . This digital platform will allow efficient management of auto certificates and rapid victim compensation, without forgetting to remedy the problem of fraud.


This platform will intelligently implement all the activities involved in the process of managing auto certificates.

Namely underwriting, claims management, compensation management, payment management, etc. within the ASACI as within the various insurance companies, various intermediaries such as brokers / general agents, with in their sights: the insured


 Infinity will ensure the performance of the services provided through an 80% reduction in compensation time for victims as well as the quality of the certificate management processes.

Economically, it will allow a 99.99% reduction in fraud but also a considerable reduction in the costs of issuing and managing certificates.


The platform provides full flexibility in terms of the changing needs of the Auto Insurance environment.

 The implementation of robust security measures will be effective in order to ensure the reliability, protection, integrity and confidentiality of data: Different levels of access, User profiles defined, etc.

“The Implementation Of Robust Security Measures Will Be Effective To Ensure The Reliability, Protection, Integrity And Confidentiality Of Data.”

Through a basic infrastructure DIGITECH will integrate the various trades that come into play in the context of automobile insurance:

Automation of the process of designing, issuing and managing insurance certificates 

Fast multichannel and multi insurance company subscription

Dynamic management of claims reporting and rapid compensation for victims

Efficient compensation management between insurance companies

Real-time reporting and overview of global information or by insurance company

High availability and accessibility of the platform allowing the ease of exchanges between the different actors 

Automated calculations of important values ​​such as the bonus / penalty

Infinity Is A Multi-Channel Platform That Helps Design And Distribute Auto Insurance Products Via Mobile. Thanks To This Tool, People Will Be Able To Subscribe Via The Phone And Obtain Automobile Insurance Certificates Instantly, Quickly And Easily.

Instant Retrieval Of Vehicle And Policyholder Information Using State-Of-The-Art Technologies

Guaranteed Security And Protection Of Information For Each Entity Or Actor

System Of Alerts And Automatic Notifications In Real Time

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