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Digitech Africa Ltd applications are changing the way customers engage with insurance and reinsurance products and services.

Saham Assurance offers you flawless support. More than insurance

Saham Assurance; A leading insurer present in Africa and the Middle East, commits itself every day to individuals, professionals and businesses so that they move forward, carry out their projects and look to the future with confidence.


Asso hospital is your right arm that covers up to 90% of your hospital costs in its healthcare network.


More than insurance, Asso is your companion and your right arm who will accompany you on a daily basis.


It's the most popular non-life insurance policy with homeowners and renters. And that's a good thing, because fire insurance protects your home against direct and indirect damage from inside and out.

Management Channels And Platforms

The CICA-RE is an International Institution with Commercial Management created in 1981 by the 12 Member States of the then Franc zone.
Alongside the founding States, 59 Insurance and Reinsurance Companies are now included in the company's shareholders , as well as 2 Development Financial Institutions (BOAD, FSA)